She is an active PRO member of Romance Writers of America. She has served as President and Vice President of Programs for the Virginia Romance Writers. She has also served as Contest Coordinator of VRW’s Fool For Love Contest.

About Alleyne

Alleyne Dickens is an award-winning author of historical romance and fantasy and the new novel “Saving Verity.” She was destined to be a writer the day she was born. With the name her parents gave her, what else was she supposed to do? She apologizes in advance that it’s so hard to pronounce. It’s AL-LEEN. As far as she knows the family has no connection to that other Dickens author, but her grandfather’s name was Charles.

She has B.A.s in Theatre and Geology, giving her a rock-solid foundation in drama. Or, as her father says, it qualifies her to write rock opera. Sadly, she’s not musical, but she does collect minerals. She spends her non-writing time with her daughter and their Belgian Tervuren dogs. See apology above. It’s Ter-VUR-en. Additionally, she takes endless pictures of her garden and orchids.

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